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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (T.S.C.M.)

Centurion Global Risk Solutions, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services are designed for government level counter-eavesdropping protection for both Government & Corporate Clients. In our current world, information is a strategic weapon.
This illegally acquired information can be used to damage a company’s image, to harm its leaders in the professional or private environment and reverse power relations or create others. Whether in the professional or private environment, some people are willing to acquire strategic information at any cost, sometimes using illegal means
Our T.S.C.M. enable you to secure:

Sensitive areas:

  • Executive Office
  • Key Personnel Office
  • R&D Laboratory

To protect your privacy

  • Villas/Chalets
  • Car
  • Hotel rooms
  • Private Jet
  • Luxury Yachts

Our electronic security operations are there to prevent any information leaking. Our electronic security operations are systematically complemented by a complete report, including precautions and recommendations to be taken.


In House Solutions

Due to the sensitive of such a service, all TSCM services are conducted by our dedicated experienced in-house team of specialist technicians. We do not compromise your privacy and security by outsourcing such a service to other organisation.


Our Specialist Technician

We work with ex state sector specialist with several years of experience in this specific field, combining state-of-the-art equipment and continuously updated procedures. This allows us to detect any electronic device that can make audio or video recording.


Our Equipment

To conduct a comprehensive search for eavesdropping or (bugging) devices including detailed searches on telephone systems including VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), you need the latest detection equipment. At CGRS we are constantly upgrading our equipment to meet the needs of the ever changing TSCM landscape.


  • REI Oscor Green TSCM Receiver 0 – 24 GHz. Radio Spectrum Analyser
  • TALAN Telephone & Cable Analyser with VOIP Analysis
  • New Orion HX 2.4GHz Non-Linear Junction Detector
  • Full WI-FI Analysis Equipment
  • FLIR Thermal Image Equipment
  • GSM / GPS / WiFI Jammers


Cyber Solutions

We offer a wide range of products, solutions and services that have specifically been developed to combat potential threats against them. We provide comprehensive security solutions, technical services and high-quality advice.
We develop a tailor-made cyber program to fit your specific requirements, providing innovative solutions as your life and your organization continue to evolve.

For Enquires related to these services please request a face to face meeting without mentioning why.

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