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Multidiscipline risk management

Centurion Global Risk Solutions, ‘CGRS’, is a multidiscipline risk management company. We are ideally positioned to protect corporate, government and private clients by providing a wide range of security services. We have a dedicated team based in Geneva, Switzerland and a global network of vetted partners.

Centurion Global Risk Solutions provides long-term cost-effective solutions designed to mitigate potential risks to our clients in Switzerland and worldwide. Through our vetted global network, we can support clients from the corporate, government, NGO and private sectors. We develop long term strategic relationships with local security providers and local authorities, enabling us to maintain a low-profile security presence.

We focus as much on protecting our clients name, image and reputation, as we do on the physical and technical aspects of our services including the full life-cycle of our clients’ security operations. We conduct threat assessments, site surveys, security risk assessments and local partner screening, and then implement an intelligence-led security program.

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